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Paris Fashion Week Polaroids SS22

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

In 2021 I packed my bags and went with a group of photographer friends to capture Paris Fashion Week. The goal was to make as many Gosees as possible and go to as many parades as possible.

For this adventure I took several cameras with me, but the one that ended up being the protagonist was undoubtedly the Fuji Instax Wide 300.
Unintentionally, I started to develop my own project made up of tons of snapshots of the different models and celebrities that were in the French capital that week.

The implementation was simple, it sounded something like, Hey, can I take you a Polaroid? I'm doing a project with them, and each person, after taking it, has to put something fun, personal or spontaneous, whatever comes to mind.
Most accepted, and here I present the final collection of new faces, top models and celebrities of that time.

Mona Tougaart after Isabel Marant runway

This one here was taken at the exit of the Isabel Marant fashion show, the model's name is Mona Tougaart and she decided to write: LOVE.

This was the result of shooting snapshots during the Paris fashion week 2021. In them you can see, in addition to those portrayed, some of the most characteristic landscapes of Paris such as the Tuileries garden, the Montmartre area, etc. And others a little less known such as the Shakespeare and Company bookstore, the Chinatown, the narrow streets of the "Le Marais" district, etc.


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